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  1. Sarita Handa’s New Collection: ‘African Modern’

    Sarita Handa’s New Collection: ‘African Modern’

    The seamless blend of art in textiles and decor to celebrate the uncommon beauty of common things has been an underlying design principle that Sarita Handa abides by. For more than 2 decades the company has been a unique platform for artistic expression in textiles. Throughout history, painters have been influenced by artifacts and art of other cultures. African tribal art has played an influential role in the history of European Art. Foraying further into the revival of ancient art and mixing it with modern decor design sensibilities, Sarita handa debuts African Modern, an ode to the African Tribal Art seamlessly blended with the minimal chic aesthetics of modern home decor.

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    Sarita Handa is applauding the warmth and poetry of a beautiful life in 2019. 

    First came the launch of a new, luxury retail space at Defence Colony. Spread across 1800 sq. ft., it exudes Sarita Handa’s trademark aura of understated elegance, intelligent restraint and vibrant panache. 

    Now, with the new Spring-Summer ’19 collection, you are introduced to the brand’s 5 new ‘aesthetic pillars’ in home art and design. Naturalist, Primrose, Mojave, Stargazer and Amazonia are inspired

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