Sarita Handa’s new collection ‘African Modern’ brings together modern design sensibilities with the mesmerizing African tribal art.

The seamless blend of art in textiles and decor to celebrate the uncommon beauty of common things has been an underlying design principle that Sarita Handa abides by. For more than 2 decades the company has been a unique platform for artistic expression in textiles. Throughout history, painters have been influenced by artifacts and art of other cultures. African tribal art has played an influential role in the history of European Art. Foraying further into the revival of ancient art and mixing it with modern decor design sensibilities, Sarita handa debuts African Modern, an ode to the African Tribal Art seamlessly blended with the minimal chic aesthetics of modern home decor.

The core philosophy this season has been to juxtapose modern furniture with tribal design aesthetics be it in home linen, artworks or furniture details. Materials used are wood, rattan/cane & bone in furniture. In home linen we have worked with heavy textured cottons & linen accentuated with rugs, accessories and plants to portray products that draw from African aesthetics yet compliment the modern furniture and design aesthetics perfectly. Hence, the name ‘African Modern’.

This collection is an ode to this lost art bringing it alive, the warmth of the sun and sand and the serenity of flora and fauna of Africa have been interpreted on textured fabrics with intricate needlework for cushions, bedding. The furniture range features sculptural pieces crafted as functional art, mid-century modern styles & bone inlay furniture which when planned together creates the right tension and drama. The emphasis with this collection has been on the entire composition of a space wherein every product is statement and yet comes together for a surreal composition.

“We have made the collection and the entire set up of the theme to look iconic. The range offers an experience for those seeking home decorating ideas. Thus, despite putting our attention on single pieces we have concentrated on the aesthetics of the space composition as a whole”, shares Suparna Handa, Brand Director.

Form factor and pattern direction have taken a crisper approach with this collection blending art and functionality. When you take the amazing wood carved furniture and statuary as well as the beautiful pattern that are woven into Sarita Handa textiles and mix these with simple silhouettes and plush fabrics the composition comes alive!

African Modern by Sarita Handa is modern art, furniture and design blended skillfully in tangible home decor.