Sarita Handa, the eponymous brand, indulges homes with luxurious materials, sophisticated textures and designs that chime with current trends. With our cushion collection, we showcase nature nostalgia, inspired from the lanes of the world during spring season.

Our decorative pillows and cushions evoke springtime bliss from the meandering streets of Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Azerbaijan and Mexico.

Our Naxos collection takes one on a journey through Aegean Islands of 19th Century Greece. These natives would decorate their homes with plush textiles as a show of wealth. At Sarita Handa, we interpret this Greek theme in a 100% cotton fabric with embroidery & applique work in grey and red contrasting colours.

Turkish carpet and rug patterns inspired artwork can be seen in our cushions wherein our artisans juxtapose appliqué, knot and hand embroidery techniques in bold, vivacious colors and oversize the actual motifs for the decorative cushions.

Azulejos and Azule cushions take inspirations from Egyptian art and textile creating a bold red blue contrasting colours palate.

The Memling Gul rug, a rare form of traditional Azerbaijani embroideries is seen in the Krafat cushions collection; the interpretation of Middle-Eastern motifs, in a balance of warm and cool colours.

The Otomi Birds collection has been influenced by The Otomi, indigenous people of Mexico. Inspired from their poignant depiction of flora and fauna in subtly dramatic colours, our collection uses saturated tones, ivory and multicolour applique to hand-embroider bird motifs with lucid floral elements.

Sarita Handa's retail journey of more than three decades has always followed a vision to revive and combine India’s age-old needlework with cross-culturally inspired accents. Through our holistic efforts, we intend to bring global nuances closer to people’s lives by rendering quality luxe home design resources and solutions.