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  84. RED MULTI 2items
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Luxury Cushion Covers

Accessorising a home is no easy feat but when done right, it can increase its warmth and appeal factor thus making it almost irresistible both to you and your guests.

You wouldn’t need to go all-in when it comes to accessorising your home. You can start small by replacing the old cushions with new ones. If you do not want to do that then you can always replace the covers of your old cushions.

It is pretty easy to find an exciting set of cushion covers here at Sarita Handa. We have a wide range of home decor products and they are all reasonably priced keeping in mind the exclusive embroidered designs and fine workmanship & quality.

Why choose premium cushion covers from us?

Sarita Handa is an eponymous brand that is the brainchild of one woman with a creative vision. The brand was created to offer homemakers all over the nation with a chance to accessorise & update their homes without breaking the bank.

We have been offering quality-assured products to the world for more than three decades now. We have been successful in inspiring the world with our contemporary & global interpretations of traditional as well as contemporary craft techniques.

Stylish and comfortable cushions and decorative pillow covers only on Sarita Handa

The Linen cushion covers in your home reflect your lifestyle and sense of aesthetics. Our range of embroidered cushion covers can easily add colour, fun as well as functionality to your abode.

If you are looking for high-quality and reasonably priced cushions and cushions covers online then you have come to the right place.

Our range of luxury cushion covers consists of –

  • Abstract
  • Flora
  • Fauna
  • Global Inspirations
  • Ikat & Suzani
  • Sentiment Cushions
  • Fillers
  • Solid

The best part, all of the aforementioned variations come in different techniques and sizes thus ensuring you have access to a product that fits your unique preferences.

When you buy cushions online from us, you can rest assured our products are not only made using high quality materials but are also designed in a manner to offer maximum support to you back, irrespective of the setting it is used in.

Other types of designer cushion covers that you can find in our e-store are as follows:

Sofa cushion cover

The sofa in your home is probably the focal point of your abode. It is the place where you hang out with your loved ones, play board games, watch movies and even enjoy premier leagues, isn’t it?

So, your sofa must be accessorised with a cushion sofa set that suits your needs.

The right set of sofa cushions can easily increase the appeal factor of your sofa. They can also alter the theme and mood of your living room, by many folds.

We offer designer sofa cushion covers of all sizes and shapes. Furthermore, the range of colours available in our e-store is quite impressive as well. You can finds cushions for grey sofa and also for black leather sofas easily in our e-store. All you would need to do is use our impressive search filter tool, that’s it.

Bed cushions cover

The right embroidery designs pillow covers can instantly transform the look of your bed.

After all, your bed is like a haven.

It is that place in your home that offers you comfort and a sense of security hence, you want it to be accessorised with items that are soft, comfortable & breathable.

Chair cushions covers

If your home has an old chair or a recliner that has lost its ability to provide the comfort you need, why not accessorise it with our range of luxury chair cushions?

Whether you sit on a chair or a recliner just to have your morning tea or to have your afternoon nap on weekends, our range of premium chair cushions can help you stay comfortable for hours on end.