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  1. Sarita Handa’s New Collection: ‘African Modern’

    Sarita Handa’s New Collection: ‘African Modern’

    The seamless blend of art in textiles and decor to celebrate the uncommon beauty of common things has been an underlying design principle that Sarita Handa abides by. For more than 2 decades the company has been a unique platform for artistic expression in textiles. Throughout history, painters have been influenced by artifacts and art of other cultures. African tribal art has played an influential role in the history of European Art. Foraying further into the revival of ancient art and mixing it with modern decor design sensibilities, Sarita handa debuts African Modern, an ode to the African Tribal Art seamlessly blended with the minimal chic aesthetics of modern home decor.

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  2. Design Trends 2019: All The Home Decor Trends To Covet In The Coming Season

    Design Trends 2019: All The Home Decor Trends To Covet In The Coming Season

    2019 is almost upon us and with new season setting in soon, we bring you the key home decor trends for 2019. From planning laid back Sunday brunches to fun Friday evenings, 2019 is about form and function. The home furnishings designs celebrate designer details with the craftsmanship of artisans and their traditional skills.

    From textile inspired wallpapers to intricately crafted bedding, here are 5 key trends that are set to liven each space and product:

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I can’t forget the love and service I got from SH team. It’s always a delight to drop by the store - I could spend hours and hours inside! The team is always so pleasant and helpful; and it feels so good when you’re made to feel welcome, at home, and comfortable. They meticulously take me through the different product offerings to make sure I find exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t have to do anything except enjoy the experience!


Amita Shukla

Our home is our safe zone! It’s where we look forward to being at the end of every long and busy day, and in difficult or uncertain times, it’s where we want to see our loved ones with us. Sarita Handa has helped transform our home into a personal paradise, where we are comfortable, tranquil and in a good mood, because we are surrounded with beauty as we like it. Thank you, Sarita Handa!


Ajcosmic and Primefaciedesign ( Ajay Patil)


Sarita Handa has always been about class, comfort and aesthetics! I believe the range of world-class fabrics, and sophisticated work that comes from Sarita Handa is amongst the best in the country. I particularly love the attention to detail, and the superior finishes on the products. A special thanks to the MG Store team for always being there to support us and help us detail out our designs.


Aarti Jaiswal


Sarita Handa’s cushions are just too beautiful. The patterns and textures bring out the colours with such balanced finesse - bold, but also calm, and so luxurious! It’s sheer bliss to style my couches with them. I’m someone who spends a lot of time sourcing and selecting the right furnishings and finishes for my layouts. My search often begins at Sarita Handa... and often ends there as well.

Pracheta Mehrish

MO Boutique ( Pracheta Mehrish )


MOboutique believes in less is more" when it comes to final accessorizing we head straight to the most elegant yet stylish brand in the market Sarita Handa. Upholstery and detailed handwork done by artisans that create the most magical designs. We are convinced that the final touch of this Indian craftsmanship adds aesthetic and sophistication to our interiors.


Nalini Sibal (Interior Designer)

Founder, Coral Stone House

Sarita Handa’s overall design sensibility conveys an enduring appeal that resonates with me. The range of fabrics and linens is fabulous. Love the earthy palette, and the design ethos that combines Indian motifs & exquisite craftsmanship in a very unusual way.