CSR Initiatives


SARITA HANDA as a brand is in existence for more than twenty five years now and during this journey so far has been actively involved with the welfare of the workers associated with it and also helping the needy ones especially in the field of education and health.

Prior to the CSR initiatives which is mandated by law now the company was involved in the above Mentioned activities through late Col. Satish Handa Charitable Trust. The company has also contributed generously during the natural calamities be it Uttrakhnad floods in 2013, Chennai floods or Kashmir floods. The company has also supported for the education of underprivileged. As a more structured approach and keeping in line with the mandatory CSR rules the company is engaged in the following activities.


1. Pallavanjali:

Sarita Handa brand is supporting an organization “PALLAVANJALI” an inclusive school, intervention center and an institution for young adults in difficult situation, special needs, school drop outs or underprivileged. Our effort is bring smiles to the little kids from the under privileged section of the society by helping them to have quality education which will enable them to become a better individual.

We believe that education plays an important role in an individual’s life and as a result we are supporting education of 5 children (3 regular, 2 special (children with Down syndrome /autistic disorder) of 5th standard,

 CSR education
Saksham Bal Vikas Sanstha

2. Saksham Bal Vikas Sanstha :

We also support a “Non- Governmental Organization” run school, Saksham Bal Vikas Sanstha with providing them tools and resources suchas of books, computers and other educational aids.Children of this school come from aneconomically weaker section of society and as a result theyare either drop outs, or the one who cannot afford education.

3. Two Young Girl:

As a field always special to the Our Organization we are supporting two young girls Deepa and Ishveen to help them shape their dreams by providing them monetary support for their education.

Ishveen, a young girl who lost her father in an accident andher motherhas meager sources of income.

Deepa, another young, intelligent girl of 19 yrs who scored 78% of marks in senior secondary, dreams of becoming a lawyer and comes from an economically weaker section of society. We are providing her the necessary support to realize her dreams.

 Two Young Girl  Two Young Girl

4. An Initiative Touch Your Soul:

This organization provides education sponsorship for children, infrastructure support to government school and free medical camps to remote areas of Uttrakhand. We are supporting 100 such children for their education and health.

5. Swadha Foundation:

This organization provides access to best of opportunities mentoring for bright underprivileged students from Rural India, shape their all-round development from 11th standard until graduation.

SOS Children’s Project:

We are supporting an organization “SOS CHILDREN” that works in the field of providing a family to the abandoned children mainly when a natural catastrophe strikes a region.

The activity area is in Jaipur City of India. We have adopted one such home in SOS Children’s Village of Jaipur and directly supporting 10 children.

Health and Hygiene:

Sarita Handa in partnership with a consultant has been distributing undergarments in the Govt. schools near our Factory in Manesar and imparting them a sense of awareness and education on personal health, hygiene and clean sanitation practices.

So far we have reached out to 6000 girls.

 Health and Hygiene


1. Awareness Campaigns on Health and Hygiene:

Sarita Handa conducts an awareness campaign within the factory with women workers which take care of the health and hygiene factors related to women. A doctor came and discussed their health issues.

In partnership with Indian Cancer Society, a baseline assessment (one to one interview) was done with the female workers to get an insight of their level of awareness on heath related issues.

2. Eye Screening Camp:

In association of one of our business associate, we organized an eye screening and free distribution of eyeglasses camp in our factory. More than 800 workers got screened and 300 workers got their eyeglasses.

3. HER Finance:

In collaboration with one of our business associate, we provided financial literacy to the workers at our workplace. The objective is to build up their capacity to enhance their financial knowledge and motivate them to adopt a behavior of saving and investment.