A pioneer in luxury home decor collections, Sarita Handa wallpapers bring home the desired regality to homes. Our design innovations, steeped in heritage, have allowed textiles and linen ranges to expand and include furniture and décor collectibles.

Wallpapers are a perfect reflection of a homeowner. Sarita Handa’s latest wallpaper collection is designed with craftsmanship that celebrates innovation and exquisite detailing. Our wallpapers reflect the embroidered patterns and prints one sees in our versatile ranges of textiles and carpets.

The beauty of these wallpapers lies in how the 3D weaves and distressed finish of our textiles are digitally realised in a smooth 2D sheet form. Home walls look as though they are covered with hand-woven florals, ikats, suzani, abstract art & rug patterns, when in fact they are smooth to the touch. One can add vibrancy to their luxe abode as our wallpapers come in an assortment of bold motifs, & classic colours. Our core design philosophy with this collection has been to aesthetically enhance homes. Textile creations and romantic florals, transformed into unique wall paper prints, allow our homes to keep nature's warmth and freshness alive without having to go outdoors.

A modern lifestyle choice, Sarita Handa’s Wisteria, Botanical Springs, Persian Fleur and Tropical Raspberry wallpapers reflect tradition and beyond. Functional perennial patterns, deftly crafted by our designers make for lush, vivid walls.

An undisputed hallmark in luxury home design, our brand Sarita Handa has been taking Indian design sensibilities onto a global platform for over 30 years. We craft luxury lifestyles in the form of art and textile designs for homes. Our designs reflect traditionality and contemporary accents embraced into luxury home decor.