Decadent Velvets  in Soft Furnishings

In our beloved decorative cushions category, we are introducing a range of cotton velvet cushions in a fascinating colour palette - from mystical golds and silvers, to antique blush and warm, inviting ‘woodland’ shades of greens, browns, oranges, berry and teal. They showcase varied quilting patterns - channel, double diamond and cross stitch - for added depth and character. The sheen and softness of the velvet gives a formal, luxuriant feel to match the sophistication and vibrancy of the festive season ahead. If you have embroidered cushions at home, the ‘solidity’ in the colour of these velvet decorative cushions will elevate your existing décor with some stylish layering.

Similarly, the range of velvet quilts features a new, piece-dyed and washed effect technique, which makes it easier to embrace the innate richness of velvet, if you have not used velvet quilts before. The cotton quilting, in stunning medallion, box and cross-stitch patterns is dipped in the colouring before the wash. The high-low effect of coloration in each quilt is unique and highlights the intricacy of the hand-craft applied to them. The distressed texture is an integral part of the dyeing process and no quilt is quite like the next one.

In keeping with the idea that ‘green is the new black,’  for this festive season too, we are introducing cushions and bedding inspired by florals and foliage as they flourish in nature. Their particular shades of green and blue are aimed at creating happy and bright spaces.

Formal Sheen Cushions

This range is the first of its kind for Sarita Handa, in the decorative cushions category. Lustrous satin fabric in classic, subtle shades of cream, powder blue, beige and dull gold exude mystique and magnetism to amplify the excitement of festivities. These cushions are embellished with signature Sarita Handa embroidery in thread, metallic accents and French knots, as well as dori and appliqué work.

Table linen

The festive season coaxes you to bring out your impeccable hosting skills in all their splendour. Sarita Handa has some special embroidered table linen to help you make a memorable statement! The designs reflect classic Sarita Handa sources of inspiration - Suzani, Palampore and Jacobean patterns, besides botanicals and florals. The signature Sarita Handa artwork celebrates the passion and patience of labour-intensive techniques; and a plethora of colours to reflect the joy and cheer of the festive season. These table linen curations comprise of table runners and placemat sets.

Fabric Accessories

The advent of the new festive season presents itself as a wonderful opportunity to announce a new category. With great pride, we present our upcycled fabric accessories - a humble range of handbags, organisers, pouches and tissue box covers, made with scrap and waste fabrics from upholstery production.

All our scrap fabrics are colour blocked and kept aside for reuse, during the making of these accessories.This is our way of reducing the weight of senseless waste on the environment.

The myriad colours and printed, embroidered or jacquard textures lend these products a unique personality, such that each one has its own story to tell. Bright, bold and incredibly stylish, this range is very well-priced; and a heart-warming, ‘everyday luxury’ way of embracing the Sarita Handa Experience.


Our chic, minimalist jewellery pieces are inspired by Mrs. Sarita Handa’s personal style. These ‘smart separates,’ in gold and gold plated, silver; and precious or semi-precious stones will make it easy for you to glide through the day-to-night fluidity of the exuberant festive season!


We have introduced more arrangements with smaller, delicate leaves. Their intricate and charming inflorescence is quaint and mood-uplifting, making them excellent conversation-starters during a party.


Our decorative accessories celebrate the splendid blend of old-fashioned charm and modern elegance. They are thoughtful gifts for friends and family who will cherish them for their elegant, practical beauty.


There is a timeless, organic feel to our ceramic decorative vases, footed vases and lanterns. The glazing brings out perfectly imperfect beauty of grooves and floral cut-out patterns through an interplay of smooth and distressed textures. Interesting shades of ‘cotton white,’ ‘sand white,’ and ‘dove white’ make it easy to use these ceramics to balance ‘busy’ festive décor, or add silently sophisticated depth to negative spaces. Their neutral, monotone character is inviting and soothing, making them excellent gifting choices for the host of the party.

Glass Vases and Canters

We are returning to stylish, functional basics with the ‘modern vintage’ fee of our hand-cut vases and canters in clear glass. Their clear and clean lines will appear  to ‘flow’ with the silhouettes of any bright and cheerful flowers you may wish to place in them. Alternatively, they make captivating ornaments, when placed as centre-pieces or coffee table decorative pieces on their own. These are wise and long-lasting décor investments for the home and the office.

Candle stands,Tea Light Holders, Accessories

If you love decorating your home with candles, Sarita Handa presents a range of iron candle stands on wooden bases, with antique brown or antique brass colouring. They will enrich existing décor with their smart, elemental combinations  and help lighten the mood for the festive season with their playful and quirky shapes. Tea light holders and taper pots in antique nickel colouring feature the other-worldly elegance of the symmetrical lattice pattern; highlighting the simplicity in creativity, and the painstaking, detail-oriented craftwork. A signature collection of wooden candle stands (set of 2) celebrate the perfect fusion of form and function with Indian and European design inspirations.

Beautifully engraved metal flower vases, mirrors, boxes, as well as lightweight, low-maintenance and easy-to-use iron trays make for a refreshing change with their nostalgic allure. They add character to your personal collection and are classic, graceful gifts to elevate the home and office.