Journey as a brand—and legacy.

Since the past 27 years, Sarita Handa has been taking   Indian design aesthetics on to a global platform, representing traditional skills with contemporary accents. What began in 1992 as a small, single-handedly managed operation has metamorphosed into an undisputed hallmark in luxury home design. The eponymous brand Sarita Handa is the creative vision of one woman, who sought to reinvigorate pride in art and textile design. She did so by bringing their special nuances closer to people through their most precious possession – their Home.

Across an eventful, insightful journey of over 2 decades, the brand has inspired the world with its contemporary interpretations of age-old craft techniques. The company’s design and manufacturing arm continues to supply to major retailers around the world.

Closer home, Sarita Handa is elevating itself typical retail standards and offering complete home design resources. Design innovations steeped in heritage have allowed a textiles and linen range to expand and include furniture and décor collectibles; as well as the sourcing and identification of like-minded brands that share Sarita Handa’s love for detail and sensitivity for the artisanal spirit.

What is our USP

India has so much craft heritage to offer and we want to promote and support this. We are sensitised to the current state of hand embroidery techniques and traditions - many of these are rare and so many are almost dying out. With our modern reinterpretations, we are trying to revive people’s  interest so everyone can contribute towards the preservation and propagation of the. At the heart of our  soft furnishings line, for instance, are natural fabrics  – linen, cotton and silks - that express our love for subtle  refinement. Additionally, our surface embroidery techniques are inspired by regional and global cultural handcrafting legacies - a simple, yet significant way in which we bring them closer to our customers, hoping to inspire them and increase their awareness of these unique forms of beauty.

Our core philosophy, vision & signature style

The company blends  tradition with contemporary flavours to create unique home décor products. In a world driven with technology and machines, Sarita Handa is about the nuances of hand work.  We go beyond typical definitions of interior design and prefer to take a more all-encompassing home design perspective, to offer a wholesome and satisfying experience to our customers.

Our design aesthetic and inspirations are eclectic and inclusive, because we wish to offer a wide range of products that resonates with every kind of home owner. Central to the Sarita Handa experience is inviting warmth and freedom of experimentation, so that everyone can make their favourite part of their experience their own and take it home with them - quite literally.


Currently we have  4 stores. Our Delhi flagship store is at Sultanpur, MG road and earlier this year, we launched a new, curated experimental model at our Defence Colony store. We also have 2 stores  in Mumbai. One is on the bustling LinkingRoad and the other is in the bylanes of Shakti Mill (next to Famous studio), Mahalaxmi.

Product Categories

Home & Bath Linen – Bedding, Cushion, Sheets & Towels
Fabrics – from drapery & upholstery
Wall Art – Fabric, Oil, Charcoal & Photography
Wall Paper
Décor Accessories  - Antiques, Home accents, Mirrors & Succulents
Lifestyle – Stationery, Bags, Pouches, Tissue box covers etc.