Indulging in Easygoing Elegance with Sarita Handa’s New Collection of Home Linen

Clean and crisp, refreshing and vibrant. Sarita Handa’s first seasonal drop, for Spring-Summer 2020, artistically elevates some of its favorite sources of inspiration - Travels, Botanicals, and Timeless Neutrals.

Embroidered quilted bedspreads have been included this season, on popular demand by Sarita Handa clientele. Hand-embroideries as well as combination of embroideries will also be seen in most of the collections, and more of the brand’s popular inspirations; Turkish, ikat, and floral designs in multicolour thread work.

Bright Sunshine and Wanderlust: The Bali Beach House Collection

You may think of Bali as your second home, or, maybe, it’s up there on your travel wish list. Either way, embroidered bedding, decorative cushions, upholstery & drape fabrics of the Bali Beach House Collection will inspire you to create an inviting, yet dramatic summer house effect, that will make it easier for you to revel in ‘a summer state of mind,’ everyday!

Sarita Handa has always passionately upheld the cause of textile crafts. The Bali Beach House collection features a modern interpretation of Bali textiles and crafts work. This is a tribute to the evolution of Balinese motifs, beyond purely ceremonial or ritual purposes, and towards elegant, everyday use. As a fun and playful add-on, there’s also a ‘Balinese inspired’ fabric tote bag, a touch of ‘laid-back luxe’ to your existing collection.

The colour palette of blues, light greens, light browns, whites and ivories channel the tranquil energies Bali is loved for, surreal and earthy in equal measure.

Spring-Summer Ennui & Daydreaming: The Ivory Needlecraft Collection

On a lazy Spring evening, or a hot Summer afternoon, it feels like there is no greater luxury than the luxury of doing nothing at alland drifting into the secret land of your dreams.

The Ivory Needlecraft collection combines Sarita Handa’s love and respect for traditional needlework, with yet another cornerstone of its aesthetic foundations - the silent sophistication of the neutral palette, in this case, timeless white and ivory.

All-ivory home linens - especially when it comes to a space as personal as the bedroom - evokes a sense of ethereal purity and peace. Such a colour palette soothes your moodand is perfect for a good night’s sleep. Not to mention, it lends an air of upscale opulence to your room!

This collection showcases the use of ivory tone-on-tone embroideries, with an eclectic mix of acrylic, chenille, and metallic threads, on a new range of ‘sentiment cushions.’ These have evocative, comforting words, like ‘Breathe,’ ‘Relax,’ and ‘Dream,’ traced in an embroidery style that mimics crochet work, with the use of appliqué on rustic-chic edging.

Country Home Charisma: The Botanicals Collection

In 2019, Sarita Handa took its patrons through an immersive experience of ‘The Naturalist’s World,’ to appreciate the overarching influence of Nature’s beauty and designs in the wilderness of our ‘concrete jungles.’ The interactions were so well received and reflected so positively on our botanicals-inspired products, that we decided to extend the experience with this collection as well. Designs feature a mix of larger-than-life, and smaller, intricate motifs, inspired by flora and fauna, and colours beyond typical greens and greenish-blues, to pops of rich teal and wine.

The Spring-Summer 2020 Botanicals Collection is also in keeping with the fact that,

across global interior design and home styling trends, the ‘country home charisma’ infused by botanical themes is very much here to stay.