For over twenty five years, Sarita Handa’s love for Art, Textile Traditions and Nature has found innumerable avenues for creative expression, in Fabrics, Home Décor, Bed Linen, Bath Linen and Furniture.  Her passionate, yet uncompromising eye for detail has propelled the brand from high echelons in the global export’s arena, to equally inspiring heights in luxury retail.

The Sarita Handa team is now announcing its first flagship store in Chennai. It is spread across 4,000 sq. ft. on upscale Sterling Road in Nungambakkam.

Rahul Puri, ED, Sarita Handa, observes the effortless synchrony between the store’s location and brand aesthetic. “In the early 20th century, Nungambakkam was known for its European residential areas, housing civil servants and influential members of the city administration. Modern-day Nungambakkam still offers glimpses of the old-world charm of that landscape; and Sarita Handa’ modern classicism, steeped in the quaint intricacy of traditional, historic crafts, lends itself beautifully to Nungambakkam. Our brand’s love for Nature inspires our creative aesthetic, so a new store on a street lined with lush green trees would be the natural sanctuary of choice, especially when this is a rare sight in a bustling metropolitan city.”

A testimony to the Universal Appeal and Casual Luxury of the Sarita Handa Lifestyle

Sarita Handa stands out for her expertise in textiles, which have been presented at the Chennai store in a new, differentiated manner.  The brand also keeps a finger on the pulse of colour trends, as a means of strengthening its inclusive contemporary outlook.

This season, Sarita Handa is introducing a lifestyle revolving around a new blush-salmon colour way, layered with the quiet finesse of grey. This is an increasingly popular trend the world over. There is a new dining collection in similar neutrals, offset by more understated textures in the chairs. The idea is to create a space of restfulness to balance the signature, eclectic vibrancy of the textiles. A lighter teal, antique brass and deep mahogany combination is featured in-store, which the brand feels highlight the next trending colour tonalities.

Visitors will also notice a refreshing, novel influx of interesting stripes and florals, mixed with authentic tribal prints. Bedding and home furnishings have a multicolour perspective, to demonstrate a mixture of traditional, authentic, ethnic and modern inspirations. The universal applicability of black marble and brass accents in the furniture, upholstery and decorative items helps bind the entire aesthetic vision together.

The Spring lifestyle section features neutral tones of olives, greens, ambers and pinks. It further reinforces the Sarita Handa ethos of helping you make your home, truly your own, by picking the universal appeal of a colour, design or detail that best resonates with your personal preferences.

Easy Elegance in Architecture

Architect Amit Chhabra has designed the new Chennai store. It is situated on the first floor, but as you arrive, you are pleasantly surprised by the refreshing, contemporary feel of the paneled French beveled glass frames and doors. This visual barrier creates an interesting entry and amplifies the spacious character of the store within. The clean white panels, signature Sarita Handa wallpaper, grey terrazzo flooring juxtaposed with wooden flooring and beautiful art work on the walls are a manifestation of the brand’s leanings towards easy, approachable sophistication.

Signature Curations celebrate an Ode to the Tastes of the Cosmopolitan Globetrotter

Sarita Handa’s popular range of Cushions from the new Spring-Summer ’19 collection are inspired by everyday life and perceptions of everyday beauty in global communities. Mojave, Amazonia, Primrose, Stargazer and Naturalist collection themes reinterpret the poetic geometry of indigenous craft; the romance of a bold sunset, or the magnetic enigma of botanical skeletal forms.

The store also boasts of an exquisite collection of 100% authentic, South and South-West Indian antique pieces. Sourced by Rahul Puri, what were originally chariot panels or ceremonial masks, can now become single décor pieces in the home of the discerning and seasoned explorer.

New Surprises – Everyday Luxury in Personal Collectibles; Vibrant Botanical Accessories

A collaboration with young designer Akanksha Sharma, also known as Acky15, has helped create a stunning range of graphics and designs for stationery items – notebooks, wrapping paper, greeting cards – and even coasters! Like Sarita Handa, Acky15 also looks to Nature for inspiration; and the mutual resonance in the stationery collection allows you to appreciate distinctiveness as a measure of luxury in personal collectibles.

As an extension of the Sarita Handa’s quintessential love for Nature, the new store features an exciting collection of lush, green succulents. Vibrant touches of colour here, or mesmerizing inflorescence there are bound to revive your existing décor contemporary aplomb.

The walls are adorned with thought-provoking art, highlighting the use of waste yarn, charcoal, and wood. They are a mix of portraits, nature-inspired imagery and abstract forms, that reflect the Sarita Handa penchant for soulful, organic instincts. Modern, traditional and transitional designer rugs by Cocoon Fine Rugs can also be found in-store. Their in-house designing and weaving using only the finest raw materials produces unique pieces that can uplift a wide range of home décor sensibilities.

Drop by this new haven of elegant, easy luxury at: No. 48, First Floor, Sterling Road (Next to Cakewalk) Nungambakkam, Chennai, 600034.


What began in 1992 as a small, single-handedly managed operation has metamorphosed into an undisputed hallmark in luxury home design. The eponymous brand Sarita Handa is the creative vision of one woman, who sought to reinvigorate pride in art and textile design. She did so by bringing their special nuances closer to people through their most precious possession – their Home.

Across an eventful, insightful journey of over two decades, the brand has inspired the world with its contemporary interpretations of age-old craft techniques. The company’s design and manufacturing arm continues to supply to major retailers around the world.

Closer home, Sarita Handa is elevating itself typical retail standards and offering complete home design resources. At the heart of this endeavour is the revival of age-old Indian needlework but with cross-culturally inspired accents; as a means of embracing an evolving client base seeking multifaceted inspirations.

Design innovations steeped in heritage have allowed a textiles and linen range to expand and include furniture and décor collectibles; as well as the sourcing and identification of like-minded brands that share Sarita Handa’s love for detail and sensitivity for the artisanal spirit.

Sarita Handa’s range of Bed and Bath Linen, Furniture, Décor and Fabrics can currently be found in four stores across New Delhi and Mumbai.