Design and décor trends are coming full circle in many interesting ways. Peopleare going back to what truly makes them feel at home; happy, comfortable and in their element.

A confident sense of eclecticism is dominating design and décor trends right now. We see different themes and styles providing a delightful contrast against each other.

Minimalist monotones and maximalist florals; Art Deco and Art Nouveau; biophilia and bold geometry; earth tones and neutrals with pops of jewel tones or rich brass and bronze; charming muted pastels like blush and textured woodland shades of olive green, teal or berry; evolved vintage lighting; portrait art and abstract street style photography are all playing to the strengths of the modern homeowner, the global aesthete.

If there is anything unifying these contrasting trends, it is the warmth of multi-faceted experience, stemming from a life well-lived!

The 3 R’s of current interior design and décor trends are Responsibility, Revival and Restoration. Sustainable design, with the use of upcycled and recycled materials is creating a paradigm shift in our current understanding of innovation. It is also enriching attention to mindful detail in the construction, design and use of home accessories.

As an important - and heartening - extension of coming full circle, the global design and décor industry is coming back home to various expressions of national and regional identity . Ingenious ways to preserve rare handcrafted textiles, embroideries, dyeing-and pattern work and other craft techniques are being developed, so that the artistic and cultural legacies of the world can live on as modern heirlooms.