2019 is almost upon us and with new season setting in soon, we bring you the key home decor trends for 2019. From planning laid back Sunday brunches to fun Friday evenings, 2019 is about form and function. The home furnishings designs celebrate designer details with the craftsmanship of artisans and their traditional skills.

From textile inspired wallpapers to intricately crafted bedding, here are 5 key trends that are set to liven each space and product:

1. Earthy colors - The forecast showed home furnishings designs going back to muted tones. The collections will reflect the serenity of earthy tones with beautiful browns, ocean blues and earthy greens being the most sought after palette. Breaking the routine of pop colours, neutrals will take the centre stage with more focus on the inbuilt characteristic of the material.

2. Mix and match - This trend will see the addition of tension in design to a room. The idea of mixing modern and traditional, old and new, simple versus intricate. This will bring balance to a space and not make it predictable, set it apart.

3. Texture + texture - Reimagined and rejuvenated, the Indian furniture design will see the silhouette moving from mid-century to more art nouveau, less pattern and more solid. This trend is about bringing together varied materials like wood, glass, metal et al to explore numerous unique combinations for a statement yet chic look. Home decor will as stated be more about the inherent texture and characteristics of a material and soulful minimalism.

4. Design is in the details - With awareness towards made in India and indigenous crafts, the attention to small details in all categories will be a reiterating factor in Indian furniture design and home decor. From amazing embroidery and beading techniques for textiles, to the use of the indigenous materials of India, like marble, brass and mango wood, Inlay of bone and brass in furniture and decorative accessories as well and vintage mirror mosaics like used in Amber in Jaipur, home decor will be about the nuances of craftsmanship.

5. Bringing the outdoors in - The easiest and perhaps the most natural way is to decorate the space with greens. Fresh foliage is a failsafe way to experiment with the colour and it brings a certain character to the space. Our conservatory at our stores is a perfect example of this! The trend also manifests itself in motifs and patterns inspired by flora and fauna. Bedding and cushions this season include a preppy update on nature inspired home decor with many motifs comprising birds, leaves and animals.

6. Art inspired - Decor in 2019 will will be about celebrating art and heavily influenced by it. Statement artworks and a more organic language with textures and decor products will find its way into people's space. Contemporary and modern homes will be embracing artworks both on the wall and as sculptors added to the space.