For over twenty five years, Sarita Handa’s love for Art, Textile Traditions and Nature has found innumerable avenues for creative expression, in Fabrics, HomeDécor, BedLinen, Bath Linen and Furniture.  Her passionate, yet uncompromising eye for detail has propelled the brand from high echelons in the global exports arena, to equally inspiring heights in luxury retail.

The Sarita Handa team recently opened its doors to a fourth luxury retail space in the upscale Defence Colony area of South Delhi. Spread across 1800 sq. feet, the store exudes an inviting, contemporary-chic aura.

Breathing ‘life’ into Lifestyle

Suparna Handa, Brand Director, Sarita Handa describes how the new store reflects modern sensibilities. “In the quintessential Sarita Handa style, the store’s colour palette is clean and understated; and the play of warm natural light gives it finesse. There is an innate vibrancy too, but with intelligent restraint. It would appeal to the confidence of cosmopolitan homeowners, who harness the wealth of their experience to understand precisely what they want, or don’t want.”

Architect Amit Chhabra shares, “absorbing the qualities of warmth and comfort from the surrounding residential area, the new store allows an interactive appreciation of various home-styling concepts. The layout reflects how Sarita Handa celebrates a multifaceted perspective of true luxury. You receive the freedom to explore nuances of impeccable craftsmanship at a pace that suits you personally - as you would do at home.”

Signature Curations celebrate an Ode to the Tastes of the Cosmopolitan Globetrotter

Welcoming the effervescence of Spring and Summer, the brand has launched new collections for its popular range of Cushions. These are inspired by everyday life and perceptions of everyday beauty in cross-cultural communities. Mojave, Amazonia, Primrose, Stargazer and Naturalist collection themes reinterpret the poetic geometry of indigenous craft; the romance of a bold sunset, or the magnetic enigma of botanical skeletal forms.

A modern, easily customisable platform bed with sleek, clean lines features the Sarita Handa ‘Timeless’ Quilt. This exhibit is exclusive only to the Defence Colony Store. Ivory cotton fabric, finished with scalping on thequilt and shams showcasing the famous ItalianTrapunto technique, gives this quilt a plush, inviting feel.

The store also boasts of an exquisite collection of 100% authentic, South and South-West Indian antique pieces. Sourced by collector Rahul Puri, MD, Sarita Handa, what were originally chariot panels or ceremonial masks, can now become single décor pieces in the home of the discerning and seasoned explorer.

New Surprises – Everyday Luxury in Personal Collectibles; Vibrant Botanical Accessories.

The Defence Colony Store introduces its first jewellery display area, featuring a selection of chic, yet minimalistic pieces in gold and gold plated, silver; and precious or semi-precious stones. They are inspired by Mrs. Sarita Handa’s personal style and love for ‘smart jewellery separates’ that make day-to-night transformations seamless for the modern woman.

A collaboration with young designer Akanksha Sharma, also known as Acky15, has helped create a stunning range of graphics and designs for stationery items – notebooks, wrapping paper, greeting cards – and even coasters! Like Sarita Handa, Acky15 also looks to Nature for inspiration; and the mutual resonance in the stationery collection allows you to appreciate distinctiveness as a measure of luxury in personal collectibles.

As an extension of the Sarita Handa’s quintessential love for Nature, the new store features an exciting collection of lush, green succulents. Vibrant touches of colour here, or mesmerising inflorescence there are bound to revive your existing décor contemporary aplomb.

The walls are adorned with thought-provoking art, highlighting the use of waste yarn, charcoal, and wood. They are a mix of portraits, nature-inspired imagery and abstract forms, that reflect the Sarita Handa penchant for soulful, organic instincts.

The carpet that catches your eye immediately on entrance is by Mishcat Co., a brand that shares Sarita Handa’s dedication to sustainability and sensitivity in luxury lifestyle choices. At the heart of Mishcat Co’s philosophy is the productive and creative use of waste saree yarn in the creation of one-of-a-kind carpets by independent weavers and artisans of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Modern, traditional and transitional designer rugs by Cocoon Fine Rugs can also be found in-store. Their in-house designing and weaving using only the finest raw materials produces unique pieces that can uplift a wide range of home décor sensibilities.

Drop by this new haven of elegant, easy luxury at D-11 Defence Colony.